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Colors + Intentions Pt. 1

I look for colors and intentions. What are your true colors and what are your intentions. No matter what I experience, I am grateful for the ability to still smile.

I remember meeting someone rather quickly and he had asked me if he could borrow money. I had only been talking to him for a week. In life there are givers and takers. Life for me is all about reciprocity. An equal amount of give and take.

In these situations where you might be talking to someone and not be sure about their intentions, I encourage you to look closely. Do not focus on them but pay attention to how they treat you, how much effort they are putting in vs what you are putting in. But I always wait until the end. Because in the end of something, you know everything.

How someone treats you is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves. If they don’t show you respect or gratitude, they don’t show themselves that. When people tell you something, ask them if it is true or kind. If it is neither of those, proceed with caution. When people negatively project I always tell myself I don’t know what they have been through. True colors come out when people dump their emotional baggage on you. And even that is objective based on the circumstance because not everything someone shares with you could be emotional baggage. It’s more how you receive it. Do you see it as emotional baggage?

I learned about friendships with contracts early on. Those are the people who are only “friends” with you to get somewhere. All of a sudden, I had a brand new car in high school and all kinds of people wanted to be my friends and get rides. It is true that someone might only “love” you only if you fulfill the requirements needed. I have dated multiple guys who acted like this. They would never have a car in their own name, a cell phone bill or phone for that matter that truly belonged to them, but were always “repping” how hot fire flames they were. False bruh. When you truly love someone, it’s unconditional. I believe in giving love for the sanctity of doing it. Not for something in return. Those who give from the heart have the most to give.

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