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Live Like You Mean It

We go about our day in a sort of robotic fashion. Without thinking about how we are doing this. I am slowly beginning to feel a certain sense of aliveness in myself these days. I wake up thinking about how I need to get to where it is that I want to be for me. It isn’t about living for someone else. It shouldn’t be. It should just be a personal conversation that you have with yourself in which you talk about all of your goals and dreams and wishes. Things that you want to do. Things that you need to do. Things that excite you. Things that make you want to wake up in the morning. What are those things? I call those the passions. And those passions can be so many little things in life. I am passionate about the connections that I make with people and the desires that they have in regards to how they (want to) live life.

Some of the most inspiring people that I have met talked about how they were working that Monday to Friday job and somehow lost themselves. I happen to think how quickly you lose yourself is completely up to you. Depending on how susceptible you are to the demands of others, you can either falter quickly or over time. I am more likely to falter quickly. I am not here to live anyone else’s life. I am here to live mine and live it for what I desire. Fortunately my children are a major part of that equation and my desire to be someone magnificent to them uninhibited is priority as far as I am concerned.

Stay focused. People are always going to try and rip you from your dreams and goals. Telling you it doesnt make sense why you do this or that. Nothing that you do (even you being alive) has to make sense to anyone else but you. The next time someone tells you they dont understand why you do something, think about if you wnat that person in your life. And then inspect the tone of what they said. Is it something they say quite often? If the evidence is clear that they arent truly invested in you as a person and concerned with your wellbeing, maybe it is time to fall back.

As a woman on this path of self empowerment, I feel it is necessary to tell you that choosing the paths that others push on you is going to make you resent that person. You are going to sew a deep seed of resentment for them because they are pushing you to something that you truly dont want to do. If you want to do something, you will. Nobody enjoys being misunderstood. it is a crucial lesson to learn that you must figure out who you are and what you want before you can begin building the life you want.

Conviction is defined as a firmly held belief. Step by step, here is the workflow:

  1. Ascertain “What is it you stand for?” You need to become clear on what you want your own path to be. This is not something that happens overnight. It is most definitely something that you need to take time trying to figure out and not rush.
  2. How are you being this right now? Are you being this right now? How do you become this? How do you act in your life? Are you consistent in more areas than others? Work on the areas of your life (smallest–>largest) that need fine-tuning. Such as your short tempered attitude. Where could that improve? Are there daily affirmations or techniques you can use to unwind and not be so stressed all the time? Take full responsibility for your choices and the outcomes or consequences of such choices. But understand it is you that you are living for.
  3. I affirm everyday (1) what I want. (2) how I am going to get it/there. (3) what can I work on personally to achieve it. (4) I am still learning and growing and don’t blame myself for my mistakes. (5) Whatever struggle I am having now will not last forever.

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