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The Power of Self Reflection

It wasn’t until I had thought about what I wanted in a relationship that I realized I really needed more time to figure out what that was. What does what I want feel like? I really decided it was more important if I begin looking inward and trying to understand why I have a particular idea of what I want in a mate. And are those qualities things that are actually important? I don’t believe in settling because you are going to be unhappy with what you end up with if you already have an idea of what you want.

Celebrate success in loving who you are by enjoying that time you get alone. Really understanding that you need to communicate with your higher self in order to feel this complete sense of the work you need to do on yourself before you can truly answer that question “What do I want in a mate?” I started to ask myself so many detailed questions such as

“What cologne will he wear?”

“Will he love kissing me or absolutely hate it?”

“What is it going to feel like when we are alone with each other?”

Staying focused on what it is that I need to be doing in my own personal life to make sure I am ready when he finally does come along has been hard. I think we underestimate the power of fear and loneliness. If we fear something we tend to lash out at the action or result we are actually fearing. When we are lonely we may reach out in fear or on the contrary; not reach out because of fear. Either way, we are damaging our psyche when we do this.

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