The Essence of being Natural

Could it be something that we can be proud of? Yes. The answer is yes. IS it something that I am proud of? Yes.

It is something that we are realizing we have to be proud of. I have felt the pressure and oppression both in and out of the workplace expecting you to be everything but yourself. But where is the genuine self love in that? I want to walk into work without being hounded about my fucking hair. I am not hounding you about your halitosis tom, so leave me the hell alone.

I remember for a period of time I continued to follow on that path where I began to care more about what others thought of my hair versus what I feel felt comfortable wearing for myself. Oh trust me, I have been through so many hairstyles. But in many of them, it was some event that triggered my desire to chop off my curls. Or even alter them by permanently straightening them. I talk about that accidental experience on here. It was insane.

I remember the looks from coworkers when I came in with this mound of curls on my head one time. It was a new job and I hadn’t taken out my weave so everyone assumed the hair I was wearing was actually mine. They found out the truth that Monday morning I walked in with a head full of beautiful curls. I had just dyed my hair this Mahogany Brown and deep conditioned after taking the weave out. My shit was poppin. So a few of the girls who knew what was up took note and paid respect. But there was a group of girls that I saw their faces. I thought to myself “Bitch please.” I was not phased. Until I got asked …

“Are you wearing a wig?”

“Is that your hair?”

“It looks soft. What color is that?”

I am pretty sure my face was turned up so bad it looked as ugly as Kim Kardashian does crying. Like what in the fuck Susan. I couldn’t believe this shit. So I said “I am going to choose to ignore that question. You have a nice day Susan.” Yes, unfortunately her name was Susan. Lazy Susan.

It is those very words and other questions that send a woman secure in herself on a path of retribution. I eventually stopped answering questions in life when asked about the hairstyle I was wearing. And even now. I am not going to punk out and feel guilty about NOT telling you what my hairstyle entails, means, authenticates, etc. Like, no. Whether it’s mine or not is not your business nor should it be your concern. Byyyyyeeeee.

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