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July 7, 2019

Love & Relationships, Self Love


I remember how clueless I was to the dating experience or rather what I like to call the math problem. It’s one of those things where it doesn’t always add up. You do not ever truly know someone who doesn’t let you get to know them. That is what I have noticed. Not only do you never truly know someone when you don’t have the chance to get to know them, but you are also wasting time. When essentially you could be moving on to another (math) problem. Getting to know  ...

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Scared of loving myself for who I am and not what others expect of me. In all honesty it has been the hardest thing for me to understand up until now. It really boils down to that. It really truly matters what I think of myself more than anything. And I just thought that if I was honest with myself and figured out where I went wrong, it would all begin and end with me anyways. And I want to see me happy. “A part of me wants to discover the psychology of self. The wealth in my health.  ...

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