Slate Blue Goddess

I had to laugh at the color of my smoothie this morning. I’m working on a couple different recipes right now. Naturally you never know exactly what color the smoothie will turn out when you start mixing things in.

I had to have been about 12 and my mother came to me talking about all of the plans she had for the house. She was going to remodel a lot of things. Her desire to improve the color of the house was also in discussion. “What color do you want to paint it Mom?” She paused for a second and looked down at the color choices. “I’ve always loved slate blue.”

“I want to paint it slate blue. Thank you Lonnie.” She hugged me.

This morning my smoothie was the same exact color she had showed me all those years ago. It’s a very personal reminder of her home in my heart, despite the lack of her physical presence on earth.

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