About Me

I have always been a woman of many words. I learned the importance of communication at a young age.

As a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor, my words, art and pictures are all more than art forms to me. It’s my life. This is just one of the ways that I can use my talent to serve a purpose. Coveted Archives is something that has been in the works for many many years. The domain has been mine since 2008. A plan has been in place many times. But as with most things, you must fall down and get back up. And it just might be a number of times that you repeat that cycle. Keep trying. One day you will get it.

I am so excited to share my world. I am really passionate about using what I have experienced in life in such a short amount of time being here on earth as a tool to inspire others. One of the most important values I remain true to is my ability to create on my own terms. I have many little hidden talents that I love to expand on. This blog and everything it’s taken to build it being one of them.

I think part of what makes me proud of who I am is that I have always been exposed to different circumstances which allowed me to be relatable to those that I am close to. Part of the beauty of you evolving throughout every period of struggle in life is that you have complete control over whether you take that opportunity to grow and change into a different, and better person. It’s that you get to learn so much about yourself and experience so many new struggles and challenges that really truly shape who you are becoming. More importantly, you learn that YOU are really the one in charge. Not everyone else.

▫️PODCAST ▫️ I talk about my journey to growth. Because many times I have needed to change my perspective in order to grow. There are chapters from the book, stories about dating, motivating/inspiring interviews + more!

▫️COOKBOOK ▫️ When I cook, I do not pay attention to calories. I am someone who loves cooking for the joy of cooking and what it means to me. I love food and creating recipes. Therefore I set my own boundaries.

▫️MY 1ST BOOK ▫️: I would be lying if I said that I didn’t know pain. I have experienced an unbelievable amount of pain in my life. And I feel like I have a story to share. So I will.