Catering is one of those things I have always been passionate about. I have a natural passion for cooking. I was raised in the kitchen and have the scars from the grease popping and burning me because I couldn’t wait to see what was cooking.

I see the desire for southern recipes in this area and the desire for different flavors. I was vegan for 6 years at one point in my life. During that time, I continued to bake and develop recipes (as I can typically be found doing), and I figured I would try working with recipes and making them into Vegan recipes. I tested my creations out on friends and little events here and there. I just knew I had to follow one of my many passions and talents…baking.

Pangea is formed. It is about the motherland. I have designed Pangea’s menu to be southern favorites that can be made Regular, Vegetarian or Vegan. We primarily specialize in Vegan Baked Goods. Vegetarian and Regular are options we might have as a special, or custom when you have us cater for you.