Look forward to all the things I have planned as I heal and regain my composure!


I just got back from the chiropractor. Was explaining to the Uber driver what it was like; he had questioned why I had relocated and I told him it was because I wanted to feel save and have more love in my life in order to heal. I told him the accident was more of a hit and run but you didn’t get very far. That man had no intentions of stopping. And everything about it felt intentional. I saw his eyes across the road. And quite honestly, didn’t feel any sort of emotion that was healing like him stopping because you just RAN INTO SOMEONE AND KNOCKED THEM TO THE GROUND WITH A 3,000lb CAR.

I was told to sign up for email alerts about the fire department and the police department hiring. And applied to the carpenters union May 20th I will be attending the virtual session!

So how do you get the website that puts public information to update the information when it pertains to your wanting to update business information? Korrine Kandles LLC. I wound up using a friend’s address for the process server information and wasn’t able to change it in time. 😂 Had some fuck shit going on.

-How about this for the thought of the day? When you admire someone how do you act? The definition of admiration is respect and warm approval. “Their admiration for each other was genuine.” Then I go into the next thought. What does it mean to be genuine? Genuine things are true or authentic. When you’re talking about people, being genuineee has to do with being sincere. This word has to do with things and people that are true. A genuine friend is a real friend you can trust when the chips are down. It is also considered being what someone or something appears or claims to be; real, not false.


I consider anything else to be a subprime securitization.