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(November 29 2023) There were so many blessings yet so many lessons. So many wonderful people amongst the alternative. At this time, I was working at Amazon until 11/21/23. It seems they had “lost” my Leave of Absence paperwork and I was stunned. Already quite broke from being so depressed and buying shit I didn’t need; my mental was not right. I was still in shock somewhat. I didn’t know how to ask for help an so I did not. It surely wasn’t that I didn’t need it. Oblivious to so much that was going on. I had just been hit by a car less than 45 days before and was still working out, trying to regain strength. What was odd about this period of time is that on Valentine’s day 2024, I found out that this girl I had met in july 2023 had died. So around the time that this video was made, she was already dead. And we had a wonderful connection I will always cherish. But that is not the craziest part that hurts because I don’t know the truth as to why I was never told about her death. We used to sit outside of where she worked. Which was RIGHT NEXT DOOR to where I was staying at the time. All I can do is say that when I found out from a friend of mine that looked on Facebook, it was because I had seen that he had such a wonderful spirit and wanted to link him with her. So he looks on Facebook and sees that she died 10.9.23. 5 days after I was hit by the car. And I broke down crying. All I can do is explain it as a feeling of betrayal along with a sense of loss. Kind of like you don’t know who to trust. But I still had so much love around me at the time. And those burgundy sweats… GOD do I love those.

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