Life with a Newborn

It’s amazing how exhausted you are over having a child. I don’t remember too much from my first. More of the reason that it was 8 years ago and less of the reas being how busy I was at the time. Even though I was entirely young and clueless. Jax was an unexpected emergency c-section. And Nev was natural. These two different experiences have completely shape-shifted how I feel about childbiurth. I don’t want anymore children. I have experienced both ways of having them, I have my boy and my girl, and they are absolutely wonderful.

Recovery has become something of a soirée of sorts. I have tried my hardest to sit still and relax while the husband is taking care of Jax and the other children but the impossibility of it is overbearing so I get up and do something to keep busy. Keeping busy is what I have done since I was released from the hospital. I had Jax at about 11:55pm and was in my private double room by 3am and sleeping until 8 the next morning. I could barely walk and I had these balloon space boots on my feet and ankles to help with blood flow, and I was overly irritated and cold. The blood transfusion went well. I had to have help with everything. But when they told me that they wanted me to walk later that day, I was game. i was on board from that. And from that day forward until my discharge date, I was busy as can be. And it felt great. The Dr saw my progress and took my staples out on Day 2. I cant say that this experience is what I expected, nor is it the experience that everyone has… but it was definitely something to remember.

I often find myself hallucinating at 3 am because I have been up for so long, and have quite totally lost my mind. I can’t wait for him to fall asleep so I can get a couple extra minutes of sleep. I forgot that babies don;t like cold bottles and dragging my sleepy ass to the microwave to warn his bottle. These are the common musings of the beginning of life with a newborn baby. But when he sleeps, he sleeps well. And how could you not like that? His schedule is getting much better. I feel like babies are really good with making their own schedule. With the husbands work schedule sometimes it’s hard because Jax likes to be awake at 3am and daddy has to be to work at 630 for a 14 hour day. But how does mommy make this work? I sleep on the couch. I have a memory foam pillow and fuzzy blanket downstairs just for me. These are the days you cherish, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am actually watching a Brand New episode of SNL.. and I am actually awake to watch it this time. Fantastic. Goodnight.

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