I firmly believe the universe will show us signs that something isn’t right. Showing us signs repeatedly that something needs to be corrected. There has been more than one instance where I called upon the help of the Universe to discern the safety of situation. I would stay still and just listen to the answers. There are times I have had to seclude myself from others just to get the clarity I needed.



  • Have you ever had unwanted circumstances or events warn you that you are headed in a bad direction? You feel a really bad feeling. Your thoughts, feelings and actions are moving at a low vibration. You are correct to feel that something isn’t right. So you need to assume that when your thoughts, feelings and actions are moving at a high vibration everything will happen perfectly. You will have excellent timing and good luck all day long. Consciously choose positive thoughts only. Our souls are stuck here in a physical dimension that is much denser and slower than the higher dimension.
  • We tend to focus on one topic once we have discovered the “answer”…don’t do this. You must acknowledge and move on.


  1. I started noticing I was constantly stuck in traffic, getting (what I thought were) dirty look from others, stupid little injuries. I started looking this up. I was noticing that what I was reading was all the same message…ALIGN YOURSELF. CENTER YOURSELF.
  2. A common mistake that I would make is that I would see these signs and just continue my “work. I would stop focusing on centering myself and move on. Instead of stopping and focusing. I don’t know what I was expecting. I think I was wanting it to be something where I acknowledged the problem and it fixed itself. Things don’t just fix themselves. WE have to put in work. When you see these warnings signs just stop. Stop the conversation, task or though you were just having. It won’t take you anywhere. Take a minute to reflect and assess the situation.
  3. Don’t talk about, thing about it or replay in your mind. This was one of the hardest things for me! Do you know how many times I have been through a circumstance that really hurt me and wanted to replay the situation in my mind. I learned that I must do the following instead: Take it for what it is; a simple stop sign and move on from it. Take care of your vibration and your thoughts to stay in line with the soul’s natural frequency.
  4. I find myself sometimes trying to escape from my life. Something deep down would tell me I am on the wrong path. I couldn’t tell what I was running from. You know you’re on the wrong path when you’re running from yourself. And I would sometimes run from myself all the time. Living a lifestyle that isn’t serving me. Coping with frustration, heartbreak, pain, loneliness and boredom. I got tired of living a purpose that wasn’t serving me. So I would catch myself and remind myself to pay attention and stop always trying to escape from the present moment. That I should be content and happy with where you are right now. To stop running away. That I can be on the right path by starting to love what I’m doing everyday.
  5. I would have anxiety attacks. I learned that all anxiety comes from a desire to escape the present moment. I would tell myself daily, ‘Be honest with how you feel; If you aren’t ok, say it.’
  6. Times where I couldn’t focus, concentrate and highly distracted at times. Many times we are so distracted that we are living a lifestyle that is so bad and if we stay any longer we will pay. Find an environment that really wants to see you win. We get carried away and lose focus and our true calling and purpose. To get back, stay focused.
  7. I can be the queen of self-doubt sometimes. I know that is something I need to work on. I realized I can’t go through life always second guessing myself.

None of these lessons were easy to learn. And the conversations I had with myself regarding the work that needed to be done wasn’t any easier. It never is. But it’s necessary. And I hope it helps what I just shared what it means for me when I am out of alignment.

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