I know men like him. He thought his dick was his gift to the earth. As if the universe had been waiting for him to grace it with him presence and my thighs with his sorrow. The mentality is indescribably sad. Every woman he encountered probably did so much for him. A big dick isn’t always worth the trouble. I walked to the bathroom. I hate the smell of him. I hate having sex with him because it made me feel dirty. He felt evil to me. Why do I do this myself? He’s a pig.

“How you doing in there.” He yelled from the bed.

“Fine, thanks.”

I looked into the mirror and flipped myself off. Fuck you El’Aundra. You know what he’s all about. Yet and still you give him a chance. Give him a chance to die slowly. A chance to wilt away from your mind. A chance to rot from the inside out. A chance to see what it feel like to hurt like he hurt you. I pulled my pants on. As if this man knew what the fuck he was doing any damn way. He wasn’t anything I would write home about. Not even all that handsome and nice. Ugly ass personality. I don’t understand this… These men these days always want us women to do so much for them but have no interest in reciprocating. Imagine how that made me feel. Someone like me isn’t selfish. I feel like he use me. Like he just wanted what he could take and nothing else. They all do.

Where the fuck is my bra. I snatched that shit up quicker than Solange pressed the panic button on the elevator. Seemed like I couldn’t leave this place fast enough. I was putting my bra in when he walked in the bathroom.

“You’re perfect.”

“Is that what you tell every woman you have sex with?”

“Come on El’Aundra. Stop it. Take a compliment.”

“It’s not a compliment if it’s not genuine. I am only perfect to you when you’e had an orgasm because my mouth and legs were open and available for you to use. Let’s not forget that you don’t dine out; or don’t know how to. But regardless, we don’t need to continue this because I won’t compromise on that. Eat it or leave.”

“I will next time.”

I will show you the door this time. There won’t be a next time.

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