Fate, Peace and Love

Posted by elaundra

I remember the thoughts running through my mind as I wrote this. Incredible how real it all felt. How real it was. How real I felt…how real I feel. I try and express these things in a form that displays my love for words. But I found this poem in my draft emails. The letters ‘j_’ were all that were typed. Drafted in July 2013…

Fate. To design a better scenario would be impossible. I always felt like when it came to you I was unstoppable. Your love at that time was unattainable. But my faith is still sustainable. My inner joy is uncontainable. 

Peace. To feel as if maybe, just maybe your heart is now capable. Of everything it’s entitled to. To be desired in such a way that the only thing that matters is to please you. Knowing that inside your being, a dream is created, a dark cloud could be faded, and a true testament of commitment could be stated. 

Love. A general word of four letters. From which I’ve learned heartbreaking lessons and I should have known better. A butterfly, a firework, a template of hot stones. A kiss, a hug, a field of warmness where our hearts roam. 

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