Full Disclosure

Posted by elaundra

Full disclosure, I don’t get called beautiful often. So I relish in being able to do it for myself. Many times whether single or in a relationship, someone may get comfortable and not shower me with compliments like I shower myself. I zoomed into this picture so deep and just felt my heart flip. It’s not that I am in love with myself necessarily, it’s that I am essentially two people. And although I have a twin that is deceased, I am in love with myself in the way that I am also in love with the other half of me because without that I am somewhat incomplete. Albeit this isn’t a sensual context I am explaining, I complete myself also by loving the true me. I relish in someone being able to appreciate me and love me for my depth. I guess what I’m saying is that when a woman gets dressed and pretty and you neglect to compliment her genuinely and she’s within your reach or yours; it builds up like bricks. Piling up. And it compounds. Then she doesn’t feel beautiful. Although she may hear it from someone else. Or even feel it from someone else. And I know for me, that’s a major reason I had left so many encounters platonic. They just didn’t recognize my worth.

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