Happiness is an emergency

This post was originally on this blog in 2009.

NOVEMBER. I believe that when it rains, it pours. And many times, when you want something to happen, it never really happens how you wanted. The woman rescheduled the interview for Chanel [for next week]. The other 2 interviews…I have not heard back from. I would really love that job at Burger King. Today was a special day. My boyfriend is very stressed out right now, and I feel to blame for it. I know I am to blame for it. It’s just so ridiculous because he is the only one of us that is working, and yes, I am avidly looking for a job and cannot find one. I am trying to stay positive, because that is the only thing that really keeps me sane. And I know he thinks we don’t really belong together because nothing seems to be working out. But I think we do belong together. And this is a tough time. We just gotta deal with it. If he does not want to deal with it, then that is something I have to swallow. But if he thinks about this deeper and feels like he was speaking out of anger, I will always be here. So he is in the hospital tonight. He is quite sick, and I am spending the night here. I am not in the right mind-set to really blog extensively tonight. Tomorrow I will finish everything pertaining to Blogger. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!