Her Angel Eyes

Posted by elaundra

It’s as if you’re walking into a room with all eyes on you because they know who you are. The general public is who? There was an idea in my head about a girl who lived in a world watched. And everything she did was on camera. It was seen. They could see what she was doing in her house. They watched. It was a way for income. A way to feed their family. By violating another’s. Never paying attention to the idea that she thought her home was just that; a home. A safe place for her to lay herself. A place for her peace.

He watched intently. As the numbers in his bank account grew he decided ultimately he was going to keep delivering malice. Keep projecting his insecurities about his lack of valor in life onto another human. He should have been shunned, but that justice has yet to be served. He pleases himself at her expense. Good people go about life telling people that they are good so they aren’t alarmed. But after all, she doesn’t realize the very person watching her is someone she works with. The people she works with don’t even protect her.

Little did she know the man who was watching her was a man she was familiar with for so long. Someone she had grown to trust. To love. To cherish. He couldn’t separate himself from his devious ways. He chose to have his way with any woman who would give him attention at her place of work. And so that he knew what he was up against he kept a good eye on her. So people are smiling and laughing. And silence starts to creep around. Because people are starting to notice who is being hurt. They’re thinking that this man loves them. And they come to work feeling like they can share the love. But they don’t share it around her. He tells everyone that he is her past. So they take the sensitive route and neglect to mention particulars about who the person is that they’re falling for. It’s the same person who’s continuing to kill this poor woman. In spirit. In heart. She is one of the most beautiful. In the entire job. So regal and elegant no wonder there are other women who feel unease about her presence. But that’s why he likes them. Because her confidence makes it easy for him to make them think he is the key to their confidence. When in fact he is just a key to their detriment. And the key to their souls, that this man is truly after, is in her eyes.

They play their god. Referring to her as ‘____’s ex.’ As if that’s the only title that the Lord wanted to give her when she was brought to this earth. As if that’s a title of honor. When in fact he has a reputation that would shame the devil. It was no surprise that they brought these falsities to her. Watching her online. Watching her on her phone. In her house. They didn’t realize the nightmares that will haunt them. The dreams that will never come to them. The opportunities missed. It was as if this man had an obsession he liked to portray to other people as love but it was really a sick hatred for her. He wanted to be with her. But control her every move. That was the biggest part of her work not being her solace any longer. It was a ploy to expose her inner being but they would expose themselves to omission.

She went home. Realizing it wasn’t a home any longer. It was removed. There was a glimmer of hope in the reality that anywhere she went she didn’t have to carry him in being. Although he can be there in spirit. Haunting her, taunting her, antagonizing her. But he cannot be in her presence.

The coroner had been there and gone quick. It wasn’t long before word was stone. ‘He passed last week’ It was an illness he hadn’t told anyone about. He was so angry at God for giving it to him in the first place. He neglected to remember all the times he violated her space. And in his recollections, God felt like it was his life and not hers that could be replaced. Because all he wanted to do instead of pleasing God was save face.

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