Happy Place: Myrtle Beach

One of my favorite places to vacation is Myrtle Beach. There are so many reasons I love this place. One of which is where I have always stayed. Let me tell you.. it’s a condo complete with a kitchen, full living room, washer & dryer, balcony off living room and bedroom, and more. It’s so fantastic. Prices are great too. Great customer service… just can’t say enough good things about Horizon on 77th.
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I remember being pregnant in Myrtle Beach. Seems like yesterday. And even when I think even deeper I miss the times. I miss what the theme was at the time. Which was family. The most important thing was family. And at the time I felt like I had a damn good one. It really felt like a great time to have a child. There was nothing necessarily wrong with the time. But I just remember where I was in my mind with everything. It was hard. It was hard going through yet another pregnancy and not being married. I didn’t want a child out of wedlock. And there were multiple conversations regarding my feelings on this topic. I think it’s so important to have these conversations first. I see why people say you must sit and have a hard talk before having a child. I have 2 reasons why it’s vital to have communication.

But even though the last time I was in Myrtle was this time; I know I cannot wait to go back. To that same hotel.. and create new experiences that create new memories.