I will inspire

I’ve have been referred to as inspirational in more than one conversation. Inspirational? Me? Yes, some think so. And in a recent affiliation with inspiration has helped me to continue to try and be positive about things. ♥ I don’t know about you, but it’s a wonderful thing to be considered inspirational. I have put so much energy and confidence in this blog and my life as well. Have you ever worked really hard at something, only to have someone tell you that you aren’t doing good enough? But you think you are! And it gets frustrating, it gets tough, and you just want to give up. But when you have people who know you supporting you, it means a lot. And it means even more when you have people who don’t even know you supporting you. Or friends that you make that find you such an inspiration to them. I have never met any of my followers. But I would definitely love to meet you all! I am just so inspired myself by all of the lovely emails and comments I get on a daily basis telling me how much you love my blog and you love reading it!! So…thank you! But back to the main point of this post..

For every person that thinks you can’t do something, there are 2 people who think that you can. Underestimating yourself is not going to ever help you, trust me I have done it one too many times. And the only thing that does is give others the impression that they can underestimate you as well. Which is going to do nothing but bring you down. If you ever consider loving someone else, you must love yourself. And much of my learning has been about that. You must understand that we can do anything. Wait….but we can add more to that statement. You can also do anything with the right support around you. I can never reiterate enough that it is such a relief to know that for every shred of confidence you don’t have, there is someone willing to give you that confidence back. So, for every person that thinks I’m inspirational…thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be an inspiration to you.

Has anyone ever told you that you’re inspirational? What do you feel was the hardest obstacle you’ve had to overcome? What inspired you to want to overcome that obstacle?