July 02, 2023

Posted by elaundra

At the time of this video, I was homeless. I was dealing with so much at the time and a load of untrustworthy people and things and circumstances that were happening around me. I did have blessings. Of course. And there were lessons to be learned from life. At this time I was honored to have met someone that was nice enough to allow me to live with him because he was here working and he treated me very well. Networking, it helped and it was nice to have that. Which ensued later on.. more help. Which, had what I was doing for work given me the healing I desperately needed; I would have been fine. I was walking 6 miles to work at a nursing home at the time and attending the nearest learning center for a construction program. I got to feeling down when they did not post my name in the credits after working with them and decided to leave that alone. Working on my own self worth and trying to find it; I know this was something I loved doing..working out.

There is more about how I felt in this post. I got to sitting around and listening to music and in the mode to talk about this period in my life. Feeling the words… I am going to have that post finished by 10pm. So be on the lookout for that. Post updates can be found on my Instagram @elaundra_llc. Thanks so much for reading.

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