Rare Gift… Honesty

Posted by elaundra

Goodnight. Please. Just love yourself. Live for my pleasure and happiness. I don’t want you leaving this earth without realizing you don’t have to. You can stay and still continue to look for happiness and love and life on this earth with people that love you. Come to a point of life where you realize that nobody is replaceable. Nobody. Everyone I have ever had in my life offered something different. And without you guys. Each and everyone. I am dying. I truly am. Whatever happened between us needs to be fixed. And mended. Forgiven. Because I need to feel like I can save a world. Even if it’s just my world and other people live in it. My apology letters will be long and deep. And endless list of recipients. Less than a bunch. More overdue than anything. And hopefully never too late.

Think of the world like that. It’s your world and people live in it. The perspective will make you want to please more.

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