Today at work

Posted by elaundra

At work working on this post…

When I wireframe it out in my mind nursing is in the heart. And it’s in mine. Always has been. Another love of building and designing things. And landscaping. Ceramics. Art. I imagine I’ll be going to school getting degrees for the next 10 years if I desire. And wouldn’t it be nice sitting next to the kids doing homework together. In my mind that’s what I envision. And the family mode, he’s inspiring me to better myself. To go after what brings me peace and happiness and makes the entire family happy. Like the earrings? They were in a bag of old jewelry. I’m never too good for fake costume jewelry. Never to good for vintage second hand clothes. Never too good to be homeless and broke. Never too good to be single. Never too good. Just good enough to be me.

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